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                Sci-tech Achievements Transformation

                Sci-tech Achievements Transformation

                1. Policies

                To promote the transformation of sci-tech achievements, Southeast University enacted its related policies of Implementation Suggestions for Furthering Transformation of Sci-tech Achievements in September, 2012, and SEU Implementation Scheme for Promoting Transformation of Sci-tech Achievements in January, 2017, encouraging SEU teachers and students to innovate and pioneer in SEUSP.

                As an important organization and execution unit for sci-tech achievements transformation, SEUSP has set up its specific posts with designated staff for effective implementation of the targeted transformation and incubation by scientific planning, optimized business operation and standardized transformation procedure.  

                2. Operation

                For successful transformation of the achievements, SEUSP has taken an active part in gathering social resources to widen its transformation channels to incorporate the key elements of technology, talents, equipment and education in combination with its cultivation and incubation of innovative pioneers. 

                In line with SEU Provisional Rules for Patent Transfer and License Management and SEU Management Rules for Evaluation and Investment of Sci-tech Achievements, upon transferring SEU sci-tech achievements to enterprises or other organizations, especially into their shares, SEUSP keeps working hard for the maximum benefits of the university and patent-holding teachers to maximize their intangible assets. 

                3. Achievements

                Up to now, SEUSP has set up over 60 high-tech companies that have their own core technology, self-innovation competitiveness, sustainable development potential and standardized operation procedures, with the accumulated registered capital of almost ¥1,300 million, of which 200 million has come from the evaluated intangible assets of the university’s technological achievements.

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