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                Special Service System

                Special Service System

                1. Entrepreneurship Service System for Teachers

                The system is dedicated to helping teachers understand relevant policies, plan business, transform sci-tech achievements, incorporate companies and set up professional business management teams.

                2. Entrepreneurship Service System for Students

                To integrate the resources of university and society, and to encourage and support students to pioneer, the system is dedicated to the one-stop services for entrepreneurship tutoring, funds, training, company registration, financial management, legal consultation, patent agency, etc.

                3.Special Service System for Maker Space

                SEUSP Maker Space Management Regulation has been enacted for full utilization of geopolitical advantages, internet technology and various innovative resources to build SEU-style maker spaces featuring localized management and differential development, providing one-stop services to pioneers for accommodation, talents, technology, projects, funds and so on.

                4.Online Service System (Huichuang Space O2O Platform)

                Based on current service systems and mobile internet technology, SEUSP has built up an online-offline ‘internet + service’ O2O platform for incubation programs

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